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Terms of Reference of The James Street Family Practice Patient Participation Group

  1. Title of the Group

The Group shall be called THE PATIENT PARTICIPATION GROUP (PPG) of The James Street Family Practice, Louthand shall be affiliated to the National Association for Patient Participation.

  1. Aims of the Group

The aims of the Association are to create a connection and to promote co-operation between the Practice and Patients, to the benefit of both.

  1. Membership of the Group

Membership of the Group shall be open and free to all registered Patients of the Practice.

  1. Activities of the Group
  • The Group will be kept informed of the Practice policies relating to the PCT to which it belongs. It may express opinions on these policies on behalf of the patients
  • The Group will consult with the Practice on service development and provision and assist in the assessment of community medical needs.
  • The Group will contribute to, and be kept informed of, Practice decisions.
  • The Group will advise the Practice on the educational needs of the community by encouraging and supporting activities within the Practice to promote preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle choices. 
  • The Group will represent patients at the Practice in seeking to influence local provision of health and social care
  1. Meetings of the Group
  • Group will endeavour to meet no fewer than four times a year.
  • Notices of meetings, reports on meetings and information about the PPG’s activities will be on the Group’s web page, and members will be notified by email alerts, and through the post when necessary.
  1. Organisation of the Group
  • Group’s activities will be organised by a Committee of volunteers and invited members.
  • Administrative assistance will be provided by staff at the Practice