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Occupational Therapy (O.T)

Small Change Big Impact

The OT team work with the General Practitioners (GPs) by providing proactive support to help you to manage your health and physical abilities, and to remain as independent and as active as you are able, and want to be.

Who will benefit from Occupational Therapy?

Those with a recent diagnosis of a new physical health condition, or changes in physical health/abilities.

Those that have been diagnosed with a long-term health condition. Those that have fallen or are fearful of falls.

Those that have had a fracture or have a health condition that increases their risk of fractures.

Those experiencing difficulties associated with aging or frailty.

Those experiencing difficulties with everyday living activities, functioning and wellbeing, such as getting dressed, washed, making a meal / drink, using the toilet and general mobility issues.

Those and/or their carers who have reported that they are struggling to cope.

Those who feel that they are struggling to engage in activities that are important to them (personal, social, domestic and leisure activities)

Our Occupational Therapists will assess your needs and support you to do what you need, and want to do .